NCDC Final Five fight for fame and fortune

Keliah Brokaw

What would your spirit animal be?

A horse because they are so majestic. I’m not a majestic person, but I love horses. I have high hopes of becoming that strong someday. They are just so carefree, and I would love to let my mane blow in the wind.

Why did you decide to do NCDC?

Because I like to sing.

What do you hope to achieve besides winning?

I actually haven’t even thought about winning. It’s not really a priority. It’s more of a confidence thing. Me being up on stage in front of people is not my forté.

Who is your musical inspiration?

I love Brooke Fraser. She’s from New Zealand so she has an awesome accent, but she’s been doing kind of her own thing now. She’s just a really powerful singer, and she’s not afraid to try new things and push her voice to different levels and explore stuff. She’s awesome.

What do you do to impress someone you’re attracted to?

When I was younger, I was homeschooled. My parents owned a shop, and I would rollerblade around in our shop. There was this boy that worked for us, and I thought he was really cute. I would rollerblade by him and flip my hair. That was my way of trying to get him to notice me. I was a spunky little kid.

What would you say your favorite container to hold a beverage is?

I have this clay mug, but it’s folded so it’s tilting so it’s kind of fun to drink coffee out of because you are always spilling as you’re trying to drink. It’s like a little challenge every sip.

Abbey Slattery

What would your spirit animal be?

I’ve thought about this question a lot, and I would say a wolf. Wolves are fierce, really strong and confident and everything I’m not. So I aspire to be a wolf every day of my life.

Why did you decide to do NCDC?

For fun. Also, for fame and for glory and for the money. And just to do something. My friends convinced me to do it. I like to play music sometimes. So I figured I would just do it.

What is a hidden talent?

I can eat a bag of Funyuns in like five minutes. The key is to take a rolling pin and to roll them into crumbs and then just shot-gunning it. I’m also pretty good at making a bag of popcorn and dry shampoo application.

What makes a house a home?

That’s a good question. I think that the main difference between a house and a home is the letters so I think that just it’s a pretty subjective thing. They are both buildings that people live in. Most people live in houses or homes, like igloos and like houseboats. A house is a home when you change the letters. That’s my answer.

What do you hope to achieve besides winning?

I just want to have a good time and to make some enemies.

White and gold or blue and black?

I don’t subscribe to social norms so I don’t see it as white or gold or blue or black. I see it as just beauty. But really it changes for me, and it’s really confusing, and it stresses me out because I never know. It’s different every time for me. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Every time I look at it, I’m terrified at what I’m going to see.

Zeke the Kodiak

(Will Norris & Lyric Morris)

What would your spirit animal be?

A bear.

Why did you guys decide to do NCDC?

We really like making music, and we just really like to perform. It’s fun for us to play so we don’t really care if we win. We also had to because it’s Lyric’s senior year.

What do you hope to achieve besides winning?

It would be good to stimulate some sort of interest, because Lyric’s graduating. We also play concerts sometimes, and it’s just all of our friends who come. It’s cool for other people to hear the songs.

Who would you say your favorite Disney princess is?

The girl from Brave. We might actually be related to her, and she fought a bear.

Is there such a thing as too much chocolate?

Yeah, I think there is. They had a lot of chocolate backstage at prelims, and Lyric: I said, “I’m going to eat this until I’m sick,” and I did. I ate and I ate and I ate and I felt horrible.

Will: You’ve got to have some assortment. I want to throw down some skittles or like some warheads.

What singer/band would you want to have crash your wedding?

Abigail Slattery.

Upward Look, Onward Go

(Sarah Pemberton, Lucas Fratzke, Elijah Dahl and Leigh Carson)

What would your spirit animal be?

A Liger because we all like big cats and love Napoleon Dynamite.

Why did you guys decide to do NCDC?

Because we enjoy playing music together, and we have played together before. And it’s an excuse to spend more time together.

What do you guys want to achieve besides winning?

Sioux Empire fame. We would like to see our picture on the side of a bus.

Where would the logo for your be on a T-shirt?

We would have our band name going up the sleeve of a shirt.

If you went on tour with your band, where would you go?

Shagatuni, Canada or Madagascar because we have all never been there.

Charlie’s Angels

(Chelsey Aswegen, Breitta Krig & Bethany Dykstra)

What would your spirit animal be?

An otter because they are very playful, and they hold hands so they don’t float away from each other.

Why did you guys decide to do NCDC?

We are all in choir together. It kind of just happened after we found a song that we thought would sound good for all of us.

What do you hope to achieve besides winning?

To have fun — that’s the point.

If you guys could meet anyone in history, who would it be?

The Andrews sisters. They are a really cool group, and they did a lot of really cool songs.

What slang word do you guys love to use?

We don’t really use slang that much.

What makes you lose hope for humanity?

The MC at the prelims. He was a rude human.