Fall fashion leaves pretty impressions

Fall is a distinguishable season in the fashion realm, for both comfort and stylistic reasons. As the weather begins to change, so do the clothing trends, and if you keep your eyes open as you walk around campus, you’ll likely see some of your fellow Raiders making noticeable switches over to sweaters and flannels, or even more simple switches– to pants.

For sophomore Allie Helmink, the best part about fall fashion is warmth. Sweaters, boots and scarves stick out to her as the most fashion-forward, yet conventional staples to a fall wardrobe. She also loves vests. A good flannel with a nice vest, some skinny jeans and boots are something you’ll likely catch her in as the air continues to cool.

Senior Ryan Bauermeister, nothing short of a campus style icon, takes a bit of a different road when it comes to bringing back his fall apparel to campus. His closet includes just what it does in the other months, but with pants instead. You might spot him with a sporty jacket also, but his favorite fall outfit is the simple pants and shirt combo.

Characterizing typical fall fashion is something sophomore Brant Vermeer does well. He is inspired by the colors of fall.

“That color that’s like kind of orange but kind of brown,” Vermeer said. “That’s basically it. Everything is going be that color. And olive.”

Though not limited to just those colors, Vermeer does like to keep things sharp and tries to work the fall colors into his wardrobe whenever he can. A fall fashion no-go is white.

“People can wear whatever they want if they can pull it off, but lighter colors aren’t the best in fall,” Vermeer said. “You sometimes got to wear white. So that’s okay. But I think it’s important to stay away from white pants.”

Pack away the white pants people; fall is here. Though colors are one way Vermeer likes to capture the season in what he wears, he also is a boot guy. When it gets cold enough, a nice pair of chukka ankle boots are a slick addition he’d recommend to any guy looking to spice up their wardrobe. On the upper half of things, Vermeer likes to suit up in a casual flannel.

“I do wear flannels in the winter too, but I like to bust them out in the fall,” Vermeer said. To top things off, Vermeer points out that a hat is a great accessory for most any outfit. Not all of fall fashion is just about looking good, and junior Hans Epp reminds us that fall is also about sweatshirts.

“I look forward to sweatshirt weather,” Epp said. Sophomore Darby Skillern also likes sweatshirt weather, because of the versatility that comes with it.

“You can have a nice crew neck, but also can go with a hooded sweatshirt for when it gets cold,” Skillern said. “And pockets are always nice too.”

Fall is a fashionable season, and campus is representing that so very well. The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you choose to go out this season.

So pick up some boots, scarves and a light jacket and drab up for the autumn at NW.