Community through coffee, conversation, music

The men of Hospers are inviting everyone from around campus to come for a night full of fun and hospitality. Tonight (Friday, Nov. 4), they are hosting Hospers Coffeehouse, an event where they offer free coffee and entertainment.

Hospers residents will not only provide coffee 7-10 p.m., but also live performances including reading and music, as well as a casino-themed game night in the basement lounge.

Bobby James, the resident director of Hospers, hopes that this is a night where students can all get together at the end of a long week and relax.

“Coffeehouse is a time for all of campus to come to Hospers to enjoy a time of relaxing and connecting with people,” James said. “People showing some talent we have in Hospers.”

The purpose of Coffeehouse is not only to provide that time for other people, but also to show the students living in Hospers a lesson as well.

“[We are] giving Hospers guys time to be hospitable, and just encouraging them to participate in something that’s not solely for us in the building but for students all over campus,” James said. “We just want to open up our home for people to come and be in a relaxing environment and enjoy some time together; something that we all appreciate in Hospers is having intentional time to be together.”

A majority of the guys in the building are involved somehow. Junior Ben Patzlaff is very excited about the event.

Patzlaff talked about also being excited for Family Band, which is a gathering of all the musical guys in the dorm. He says that what makes this event different from other dorm events is the openness.

“This is for the intent of bringing other people into the dorm, and it’s not just some walk-through. It’s come in and stay and hang out,” Patzlaff said.

Both Patzlaff and James recommend people attend the event and experience the fun atmosphere the event is promised to provide.

“I think it’s a cool event that allows Hospers to open its doors and be hospitable to the other people on campus,” Patzlaff said. “We make some coffee and put on some music and just allow some relaxing time at the end of the week.”

James is also excited for the annual event to continue on.

“This is one of my favorite events of the year,” James said. “I love doing it. It’s also fun to open up to the rest of campus, and to see faces in the building you don’t typically see. It’s going to be awesome.”

The coffee, music and games will be going from 7:00 to 10:00. James and Patzlaff promise it will be a night full of relaxation, great entertainment, community and fun.