The Hatchery reopens in OC

The Northwestern College and Orange City community may be puzzled as to where The Hatchery Restaurant & Lounge has gone. Some may think it has gone out of business or disappeared because it is not in its old spot downtown. Some may be wondering whether they will ever be able to taste their favorite sandwiches, salads, appetizers and burgers again.

Thankfully, the popular restaurant that has been open since the 1950s has not disappeared, but simply moved. Even though the new location is not originally a renovated chicken hatchery like the old one, it is just as cozy and serves the same delicious food with new additions.

The new spot is nestled near Johnny’s Place and The Blue Mountain at 819 Lincoln Place SE. For six weeks, the restaurant was closed, moved and prepared for the public by six-year owner Shelly Wassenaar.

The restaurant is officially re-open for business and serves hungry customers all over the area 6 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday-Saturday.  The walls are painted a warm and welcoming yellow, with farm decorations such as rustic feed sacks and window panes dotting the walls. The windows are large, allowing plenty of sunlight to stream in and fill up the restaurant.

The inside smells of their different coffees — black and strong or a variety of different flavors — and a bakery due to their fresh baked scones, coffee cakes and muffins.

Not only did the restaurant get a new spot to call home, the name also has been shortened to just The Hatchery, the menu got a makeover and the hours have changed to serve the most important meal of the day: breakfast.

Now, hungry customers can not only enjoy their old lunch and dinner favorites, but with the new hours, they have the option of enjoying the new homestyle and hearty breakfast options. Enjoy simple traditional favorites like eggs, sausage, bacon and toast, but also pancakes, thick French toast and omelettes bursting with meats, cheese and fresh vegetables.

Unique to The Hatchery’s breakfast menu is their warm breakfast burrito or their specialty breakfast sandwiches with meats, melty cheese and eggs. For a simple, inexpensive breakfast, there is the choice of $5 deals, which include different choices and combinations of pancakes, French toast, eggs, crispy bacon and regular, strong coffee.

There are several new options for lunch or dinner in addition to the old popular items. The appetizers —including cheeseballs, green bean fries, onion rings and fried mushrooms — are perfectly fried and crispy. For healthier options, new salads have been added. Ones to try are the Asian Salad or the Taco Salad, with the latter in an edible bowl.

Wraps also make an appearance on the menu, with the new addition of the BBQ Chicken Ranch Wrap. Satisfying soups are available, which will be especially necessary to the cold days ahead. Also enjoy the popular hot sandwiches on deliciously toasted bread and buns, and the juicy hamburgers with a variety of toppings.

Not only does The Hatchery serve fast and delicious food, but they also have welcoming service, as written on a sign displayed by their door: “May all who enter as guests leave as friends.”