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Sodexo succeeds with limited-time offers

The Limited Time Offers or LTOs at the Hub and the Common Grounds are great alternative options to the fantastic everyday options provided at these locations. These offers are new this year and they change every two weeks. Whether you are looking for a new drink to keep you up for your late-night studying or if you are simply trying to mix it up at the Hub, the LTOs will keep you satisfied.

Northwestern’s Sodexo team meets up to devise the next LTO by discussing what has been popular and cost-effective, then getting options from corporate. This allows for Sodexo to put out the best options based on students likes and dislikes at our specific location.

“We looked at the surveys from last semester and decided that we could use these to provide some variety,” Hub manager Ned Price said. “We wanted to give some change to the menu we have so that students don’t get tired of the great daily options.”

No matter if you are a sandwich regular, a burrito-lover or a connoisseur of the grill line, these offers can pertain to you. LTOs have been spotted at all three lines in this last school year including different styles of wraps and sandwiches, numerous Pizzettas and even a spicy chicken burrito. These selections allow for some variation from your daily routine.

Right now, there is even a breakfast offer available: Pecan-Crusted Wheat Berry French Toast.

Price states, “Breakfast can be a challenge, there’s only so much you can do. We think this gives students one more choice to switch up the routine,” Price said.

These health-conscious options can be great substitutes for the typical sandwich, crispy chicken sandwich, or burrito that fuels your everyday routine.

These options give most students a complete new choice; however, most do contain meat, which is a problem for some students.

Senior Luke Galloway loves the new-found freedom of these choices, but being a vegetarian does spoil some of the foods. His food options are at points limited to the caf’s vegetarian options for the day.

“Overall, the LTOs are awesome but they rarely have vegetarian options and always seem to run out of ingredients before the end of the day.”

The Hub has had some issues regarding keeping enough of the LTOs available, especially during the weeks where the Pizzettas are offered. Despite these shortcomings, Galloway has had some favorites regarding past LTOs.

“I especially loved the Veggie Pizzetta. I honestly ate like 10 of them in one week,” Galloway said.

Understandably, vegetarian options cannot be offered every cycle. However, vegetarians enjoy the LTOs and would like to see these tasty options available in non-meat versions so they, too, can enjoy the offerings at the Hub.

While students often feel like they lose their voice, Sodexo does a great job of listening to students’ wants for future ideas. By voicing an opinion, students can allow the Sodexo staff to know what they are hungry for and receive some of those cravings in the future.

“I will listen to any suggestion. If it makes food-cost and labor-cost sense to us, we can make it happen,” Price said.

So if you have any ideas on menu items you’d like to be featured, make sure to drop a suggestion off in the boxes located near the condiments in the caf or in the back of the Hub near the restroom so that you, too, can have a say.

If you need a change for breakfast, lunch or dinner, I suggest you check out the delicious happenings offered to you by Sodexo. You will not be disappointed.



One comment on “Sodexo succeeds with limited-time offers

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