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SAC introduces Family Feud

For the first time in Northwestern history, campus will be hosting the nationally well-known game Family Feud. The Student Activities Council (SAC) went around campus asking people questions about NW, and then they took the most common answers and created an NW-themed game. This will be very close to the original game, and the SAC has been working hard to put on a fun game for everyone. The event will be on Feb. 4 in Christ Chapel, and all students are invited to attend.

Lucas Sander is one of the SAC members in charge of putting on this event. Sander says the SAC chose Family Feud to replace Mr. Red Raider.

According to Sander, the group met together to discuss events, and they started throwing around game show ideas until they came to Family Feud.

“A lot of people on SAC have seen [Family Feud], and we kind of thought that it would be something a lot of people would recognize and have some sort of past experience with,” Sander said. “I just hope that a lot of people have fun with a twist on a game show and relating it to NW.”

Director of Student Programs Aaron Beadner says he is excited for the Family Feud event.

“I like the idea of Family Feud because a lot more people can participate than some other game shows that are out there and we can personalize the questions for our campus,” Beadner said.

Students who want to participate will have to sign up in groups of five before the game starts. Registration starts at 7:30 p.m., and the event starts at 8:00 p.m.

The teams will then be drawn out of a hat randomly, and those teams will get to participate.

“We will be randomly drawing teams to play each other and have a total of four head-to-head games in our first round,” Beadner said. “Winning teams will each get $10 in flex money and play each other for a chance to upgrade their prizes. The winning teams from the second round will play each other and second place winners will each receive $15 Old Factory gift cards while first place winners will each receive $20 gift cards to P’s Pizza.”

Beadner is excited for the event and recommends it to others.

“The event will be a lot of fun to play or even just to come out and watch,” Beadner said.

Sander said the only thing he is nervous about is all the technical components of the event and getting them to all work together.

“It could be a bit of a headache,” Sander said. “But we have a lot of good help.”

Still, Sander says he is looking forward to the event.

“I think one of my favorite parts of the game show originally is the host Steve Harvey,” Sander said. “There are a lot of funny moments, and I think there’s a lot of potential for that here.”

Since there was no preregistration, students still have the opportunity to participate in the event. Any further questions can be directed to Sander or Bethany Muyskens.



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