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Students find ways to break winter blues

With the winter months comes many different emotions: excitement for snow-related activities, hot drinks and the anticipation of the outside world turning white. Some emotions, however, are not as enthusiastic. The arrival of snow also brings complaints about the cold air, sickness, tiredness and grumbling about transportation.

Senior Luke Lorfeld looks at the cold winter months as a way to bring people together. While his outdoor activity significantly decreases and it is harder in the winter to be motivated to do things, he does bring a positive light to all the sitting around.

“There is definitely a more centralized location for conversation in the winter: on a couch in a room with the heat cranked up, normally around coffee or hot tea,” Lorfeld said.

Senior Ayom Ayom takes a bit of a different approach to the winter as he moves his outdoor activities inside.

“In the warmer days, there is a lot more opportunity to do stuff outside,” Ayom said. “But in the winter I spend a lot more time in the RSC.”

He does not spend all his hours in the RSC, however, so sometimes he is found cooped up in his dorm room.

“I play a lot of Smash Bros,” Ayom said. “I like to spend time snuggling with my beautiful girlfriend.”

For sophmore Eden Burch, the winter months are just the same as any other time.

“Nothing really changes,” Burch said. “I still study and drink the same amount of hot drinks. I probably work out inside more.”

Junior Josie De Wit likes to take advantage of the lifelessness that can come along with winter months. While De Wit still spends time getting her necessary activities done, once everything is taken care of, her ideal day off consists of staying inside.

“I like to cuddle up in a blanket, wear my favorite pair of fuzzy socks, have a hot cup of coffee that is ¾ coffee, ¼ vanilla creamer and watch movies or just nap all day,” De Wit said.

While there definitely are the few outliers who love the winter, for most here on campus, waiting for spring to arrive is a dedicated task. Students continue to be grateful for the maintenance workers, warm up with hot drinks inside and enjoy the nice little 40 degree sneak peaks into spring.



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