“Inferno” lacks fire and fizzles out

Tom Hanks has found his way into theaters yet again with the release of “Inferno” this past weekend. Directed by Ron Howard and based on another book by Dan Brown, Inferno is the disappointing third film in “The Da Vinci Code” series. “Inferno” returns viewers to the life of Professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks), the more »

Political race stays neck-in-neck at NW

This November, many Northwestern students have the opportunity to vote in their first general election. The political climate this election season has been a volatile and intense one, and many people find themselves either unwilling or undecided on which candidate to vote for, with some even tempted to cross party lines. Political science major Connor more »

Book-to-screen thriller is one intense ride

This past weekend the mystery/thriller “The Girl on the Train” hit theaters. Based on the 2015 novel by Paula Hawkins, the film is an emotional, and at times an overwhelming ride. The movie follows the life of commuter Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) and the mysterious Megan Hipwell (Haley Bennett) whom she sees every day from more »

Artageous takes over campus

On Thursday, Oct. 27, Northwestern will be visited by an explosion of color, art and music as the Artrageous event hits campus. Sponsored by Wildfire Lighting and Visual Effects, Christ Chapel will be one of the troupe’s many stops on their tour. After successfully getting their start in street performing and children’s theater in Toronto, more »

Bridget Jones is back for a new adventure

This weekend, the third movie in the “Bridget Jones” romantic comedy series was released, 12 years after the last installment. Though the franchise may be nostalgic for some, “Bridget Jones’ Baby” has opened to mixed reviews. The film centers on Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger), a forty-something single woman who works as a TV news producer more »

Dorm decorating trends across campus

Since college is a home away from home, many students have taken to decorating their dorm rooms in the way that best suits their way of living. Throughout the dorms, strategies for decorating differ, but a common theme of cozy community permeates. As far as inspiration for décor goes, most people differ on what brings more »