Hat trend is ‘beanie’ficial

So have you seen all the red beanies with the white bobbles on the top? You can’t take two steps on campus without seeing one. I can’t find my friends from across campus! So much for finding a unique spot in community. Campus is becoming a swarm of red beanies. I once saw my friend more »

I Can’t Ethan: Be cool about the cold

I Can’t Ethan handle the complaining we experience during the winter months. Comments such as, “Winter is the worst!” or “Why can’t it be summer all year round?” My response is: we are in February when it is supposed to be winter. The season is too short in my opinion so why would anyone want more »

Ethan’s Answers

Dear Ethan, Recently I have been talking with a guy quite a bit, and we have been hanging out some, too. Things seem to be going really well, but with the school year ending soon, I’m not really sure what to do. I don’t want to rush things really fast, but I also think there more »

Ethans Answers

Dear Ethan, So I’ve been learning all these new things at college, and some of them conflict with things that my parents taught me. How do I talk to them about these things without them getting upset at me for disagreeing with them? -Dazed and Confused   Dear Dazed and Confused, This is an age more »

Ethan’s Answers

Dear Ethan, I’ve met a girl on campus, and we started hitting it off. We’ve hung out in a group a couple of times, but we have our first “date” coming up this weekend. What are some essential questions to ask, in order to get to know her and see if we’re a good fit? more »

NW student claims triple citizenship

NW student claims triple citizenship

Northwestern College may not have a reputation as a hub of diversity, but assuming all of the students on campus are from small town Iowa or have a Dutch heritage would be quite incorrect. Many students and staff at NW have very interesting and assorted stories to tell. A walk through the RSC reveals the more »