A cappella choir presents spring concert

Johann Sebastian Bach once wrote that “the aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.” Northwestern’s A cappella Choir achieved both of these objectives on their recent tour to Minnesota. Over the weekend of March 30 through April 2, they performed more »

Organist to share talent in recital

Ask senior Mikayla Vos about a musical instrument, chances are she has played it at one time or another. The organ, piano and trumpet are just a few of the instruments she has played throughout the years. Add in the French horn, tuba and euphonium, and you just about have it covered. Though she is more »

Student dances showcase talent

If someone were to walk into the theatre building late on a Thursday night, they would most likely find groups of RUSH dancers practicing their pirouettes and jazz runs, jamming out to the latest hit album or learning new sequences of choreography. Dancers include students with extensive dance training to students with little to no more »