NW Christmas worship

There is nothing quite so magical as the Christmas season. Strings of lights and the continuous strains of familiar Christmas tunes wind their way through the crisp, cold night air. Northwestern has held itself to such a high standard of festivity that it is nearly impossible not to smile with cheer. One event in particular more »

Gaga draws inspiration from Springsteen

Lady Gaga is probably the last artist you would think would produce music with a western feel, but her album Joanne has gone and done just that. Gaga noticed that her musical peers had caught up with her in-your-face, oddball ARTPOP sound and instead of being a cutting edge, steak-wearing musical pioneer, she is now more »

Colorful bursts of sound ignite album

Full Colour by the Paper Lions could have been conceived by a child born in the late 2000’s, with no musical knowledge other than pop, who binged watched the entirety of Saved by the Bell and then wrote a full length album. Its delightful blend of cool, throwback-quenching synth and deliciously fresh peppy, poppy beats more »

Voting based on believing

“Every vote counts” circles throughout social media, campaign ads and television commercials. This political season in particular, even Mr. President and the First Lady herself have advocated voting for specific candidates. Trump and Clinton aside, in the course of history, very rarely have either of the figureheads of America rallied strongly behind particular candidates. But more »

Better well-read than dead

If I am being honest with myself, I have spent a shameful amount of hours glued to my computer watching one Netflix episode blur into another until I finally realize half a day has passed, and I have accomplished absolutely nothing. At some point, many parents have said, “TV rots your brain!” and I am more »

Sister trio releases magical album

In the town of Joseph, Ore., three sisters discovered their ability to sing in a crystal-clear, three-part harmony whose sound would carry far beyond the Rockies land across the world. Joseph, a band named after the sisters’ grandfather Jo and the town he lived in, consists of Natalie Closner and her younger twin sisters Meegan more »