Popular app motivates students to drink water

As the app that combines advocacy for healthier living with fun, Plant Nanny has spread rapidly throughout campus. It is an app that encourages its users to drink more water by rewarding them with virtual plants, and the idea has taken hold here at Northwestern. Plant Nanny compares the amount of water a person drinks more »

Ambassadors make connections on campus

With a red pullover, a smile and a group of perspective students following him, Connor Sams leads a tour across campus. This is not a hobby he picked up: it’s the job of a student ambassador. “If you really want to promote Northwestern and have an impact on people’s lives, it’s [a job that is] more »

SAC introduces Family Feud

For the first time in Northwestern history, campus will be hosting the nationally well-known game Family Feud. The Student Activities Council (SAC) went around campus asking people questions about NW, and then they took the most common answers and created an NW-themed game. This will be very close to the original game, and the SAC more »

Heritage Singers to perform madrigal

Since last semester, Northwestern’s Heritage Singers have been setting the stage for a 16th-century medieval feast accompanied by entertainment true to that era. Madrigal is an event held every four years, a night of singing and dining. This year, they promise their show about a murder mystery is sure to entertain. On Jan. 27 and more »

Thanksgiving with a different kind of family

As Thanksgiving break approaches, students across campus are looking forward to a trip home. For some, however, this trip isn’t possible, so Thanksgiving with friends or in Orange CIty is the plan. The reason students can’t be home for this break are many. Sophomore Melanie Enkhorn says that she is staying around campus for Thanksgiving more »

Students sweet talk their way out of deadlines

College can be stressful. With countless hours spent in the classroom and lists of tests and assignments that can seem extremely overwhelming, professors often hear students making excuses for late work and classroom absences. Now, whether the excuse is true or not is a whole other story, but being told excuses will happen countless times. more »