Community through coffee, conversation, music

The men of Hospers are inviting everyone from around campus to come for a night full of fun and hospitality. Tonight (Friday, Nov. 4), they are hosting Hospers Coffeehouse, an event where they offer free coffee and entertainment. Hospers residents will not only provide coffee 7-10 p.m., but also live performances including reading and music, more »

William Kent Krueger visits

A New York Times best-selling author is coming to Northwestern’s campus. On Nov. 3, William Kent Kruger will be speaking in the DeWitt Learning Commons, and then again later on in Christ Chapel. Krueger is most known for his Cork O’Connor mystery series, but many students on campus, especially freshmen, know him as the author more »

Improv news: Black V adds three

The Black V is adding three to its family of people who go out on stage with no idea what they are going to say or what is going to be thrown their way. Joining the improv team here at Northwestern are freshmen Alexander Lowry and Emelie Swonger, and junior Warren Duncan. Improv basically means more »