Fantasy film reflects on human nature

“Ghost In The Shell” stars Scarlett Johansson and is directed by Rupert Sanders, his fifth directorial feature.  Johansson plays Major, an enhanced bionic soldier who tries to bring down a hacker that is thwarting the endeavors of corporate-funded research.  Underlying the main plot is a fully developed ethical question of what separates “human” from “machine” more »

Wick’s return does not disappoint

John Wick is back. The gritty, wide-shot action sequences do not disappoint. Keanu Reeves proves to many that he can still bring Matrix-quality stunt work to his performances. For a time, I began to get used to Keanu’s role’s as run-of-the-mill performances of masculinity, such as that in “The Neon Demon.” Keanu makes use of more »

Living in spite of politics

The past month has been truly enlightening and inspiring. I watched “The Incredibles,” and a sentence stuck with me: “Go change the world, one policy at a time.” I am continually fascinated by the capabilities of compartmentalization in our governmental facilities. During Christmas break, I had the opportunity to look at the world through the more »

Solidarity through silence

I often hear Christians speak about the body of Christ. I envision Christ’s words, “Do this in remembrance of me,” as being encapsulated within the realm of solidarity through difference and silence. A deep presence of our collective mind that exists when folks are silent, when candles are lit and a persecuted and crucified body more »

Community through video gaming

Every semester on campus, students can be seen talking with friends, laughing at their mistakes and screaming loudly out of joy or frustration. While one may think this is normal college life, it is also the emotion in the world of video gaming on campus. The reasons for continuing all the levels in campaigns vary more »

Indie rock group releases album

MewithoutYou released their sixth studio album through Run For Cover Records this past June. Fans of the band will know that this album is not simply a reiteration of the same lyrics and same guitar riffs produced by most bands. Pale Horses stands as the next step in the journey of lyricist and lead member, more »