Camp counseling pride

It is that time ofyear again to break out your Chacos and hammocks. As the end of the academic school year is in sight, the many Christian camp counselors are getting pumped to work in God’s creation all across the nation. Camp provides us with an opportunity as adults to sing songs with silly actions, more »

Living life to be a light

Wherever you can, Whenever you can, However you can, Be light. Forgiving those who have wronged you. Respecting those who disagree with you. Listening to those who live with pain and suffering. Giving to those in need. Thanking those who have blessed you. Loving those who may not deserve it. Shine, Christian, Shine. Go Be more »

Tennis team wins one of three matches

The Red Raider women’s tennis team is currently deep in GPAC play. Before heading home for Easter break, the Northwestern tennis team traveled to Sioux City to play against the Morningside Mustangs, coming up short in the match up 3-6. Returning from the break on Tuesday, the Raiders had an excellent showing beating the Mount more »

Band presents fifth album with fuller sound

Earlier this year, a popular indie rock band from Cleveland, the Cloud Nothings, released the album Life Without Sound. The Cloud Nothings started as singer Dylan Baldi’s solo project in 2009, and, over five albums, has grown into the full band heard and seen today. Maybe it is the weather, but this music makes me more »

Orange City native wins sound award

The details and nuances of a stage production often go unnoticed, but are some of the most integral pieces in the overall product. At Northwestern, students are encouraged to take part in all aspects of the theatrical ensemble, not just the main roles. For former student Keely Wright-Ogren, this education led her to success in more »

Fantasy film reflects on human nature

“Ghost In The Shell” stars Scarlett Johansson and is directed by Rupert Sanders, his fifth directorial feature.  Johansson plays Major, an enhanced bionic soldier who tries to bring down a hacker that is thwarting the endeavors of corporate-funded research.  Underlying the main plot is a fully developed ethical question of what separates “human” from “machine” more »