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Big Sean impresses with fourth album

On February 3, rapper Big Sean released his fourth album, I decided. In the past few albums put out by Big Sean, he has become known for being unapologetically mean to people. In I decided, it is apparent that Sean is attempting to go in a different direction. On the second song “Light,” Sean speaks more »

LEGO movie teaches childhood lessons

After saving Gotham time and time again from villains like Bain, Penguin, Riddler and the infamous enemy Joker (Zach Galifinakis), LEGO Batman (Will Arnett) finds himself holed up alone in Wayne Manor, eating microwave lobster on his private watercraft. But with the help of a newly adopted orphan-turned-superhero sidekick Robin (Michael Cera), his loyal butler more »

Coffee: liquid gold or nasty, bitter water?

In life, there are two kinds of people: those who drink coffee and those who do not. The spectrum varies immensely: some love coffee, others drink it simply to stay awake. Some drink coffee with creamer, and others drink it black. Some cannot stand the taste, some love the taste and others learn to tolerate more »

Childlike imagination lives on

The Flaming Lips is a band that formed in Oklahoma City all the way back in 1983, and their newest album, Oczy Mlody, was released just last month. The Flaming Lips is a rock band tending to lean towards what one might call “space rock.” It is the kind of sound that makes you think more »

Wick’s return does not disappoint

John Wick is back. The gritty, wide-shot action sequences do not disappoint. Keanu Reeves proves to many that he can still bring Matrix-quality stunt work to his performances. For a time, I began to get used to Keanu’s role’s as run-of-the-mill performances of masculinity, such as that in “The Neon Demon.” Keanu makes use of more »

Popular app motivates students to drink water

As the app that combines advocacy for healthier living with fun, Plant Nanny has spread rapidly throughout campus. It is an app that encourages its users to drink more water by rewarding them with virtual plants, and the idea has taken hold here at Northwestern. Plant Nanny compares the amount of water a person drinks more »