The crucial campus water battle

Before leaving the room, most people are prone to grab three common items: their phone, their keys and their water bottle. Whether or not you are a serious adventurer or a casual sipper, hydration plays a role in everyone’s lives. Klean Kanteen, Camelbak, Nathan and many other types of bottles have come and gone. Two more »

Annual music competition commences

NC/DC Preliminaries took place on Friday, March 24. Twelve groups competed to make it to the semi-finals. The night started with 3 Souls, a quartet (featuring a ginger) performing “I Hate that I Love You.” Their combination of two guitars, a cajon and vocals was quite literally music to the ears. Up next was Reghan more »

NW staff spotlight: Matt Austin

With all the joys of technology comes the curse of malfunction. That may be a shattered laptop screen or a virus found deleting or encrypting precious and personal files. Everyone, especially in an academic institution, is bound to their computer. Lucky for students, there is a place where those crippling issues can be addressed. Behind more »

Student dances showcase talent

If someone were to walk into the theatre building late on a Thursday night, they would most likely find groups of RUSH dancers practicing their pirouettes and jazz runs, jamming out to the latest hit album or learning new sequences of choreography. Dancers include students with extensive dance training to students with little to no more »

Beautifully maintained campus wins award

Northwestern College was ranked the fourth most beautiful campus among the top 25 in the Midwest. This recognition does not come without countless hours of hard work. The Director of Maintenance and Operations, Scott Simmelink, said as his initial reaction to this recognition, “Way to go Ward. Keep up the great work.” Ward Van Peursem, more »

Hospers escape room

There are many school-sponsored events and activities offered by groups such as SAC, but sometimes students decide to get creative and make their own activites. The Hospers escape room, created by Jacob Johnson, offers an exciting new activity on Northwestern’s campus. In recent years, escape rooms have become popular across the country. In short, an more »