Senioritis claims many victims

With the end of the semester starting to rise on the horizon for many students, some are thinking about summer jobs or setting schedules for the fall. Every spring a class faces not only graduation, but an imposing foe which makes it more and more difficult for them to concentrate on school: senioritis. As a more »

SAC introduces Family Feud

For the first time in Northwestern history, campus will be hosting the nationally well-known game Family Feud. The Student Activities Council (SAC) went around campus asking people questions about NW, and then they took the most common answers and created an NW-themed game. This will be very close to the original game, and the SAC more »

Sodexo succeeds with limited-time offers

The Limited Time Offers or LTOs at the Hub and the Common Grounds are great alternative options to the fantastic everyday options provided at these locations. These offers are new this year and they change every two weeks. Whether you are looking for a new drink to keep you up for your late-night studying or more »

Adulting 101: learning to live the adult life

College life is full of opportunities for students to learn how to excel in their future careers. Unfortunately, some aspects of post-college life can’t be solved by being an expert in exercise science or literary analysis. Regardless of a high-quality education at Northwestern, some post-grads can face certain anxiety when faced with the simple tasks more »

Reflective low light worship night

For some, a dusty storage basement would never be seen as anything other than a place to stack boxes of clutter. But for junior Ben Patzlaff, the basement of Ramaker Student Center establishes the ideal aesthetic for students to come together on a weeknight to worship and pray. Patzlaff wanted to introduce a new element more »

Kundert conducts Life Paths study

Life’s paths are full of obstacles. At college, students are constantly plagued by bumps in the road such as missing a full night of sleep, failing a test or facing a serious break-up. However, when life gets difficult, how do students react? This is a question current NW psychology student Corey Kundert wanted to explore more »