Camp counseling pride

It is that time ofyear again to break out your Chacos and hammocks. As the end of the academic school year is in sight, the many Christian camp counselors are getting pumped to work in God’s creation all across the nation. Camp provides us with an opportunity as adults to sing songs with silly actions, more »

Living life to be a light

Wherever you can, Whenever you can, However you can, Be light. Forgiving those who have wronged you. Respecting those who disagree with you. Listening to those who live with pain and suffering. Giving to those in need. Thanking those who have blessed you. Loving those who may not deserve it. Shine, Christian, Shine. Go Be more »

Sharing through social media

I love social media. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, I cannot get enough. I am not including Facebook, since I feel like it is mostly populated by parents and scary political arguments that never go anywhere. But oftentimes, I feel as if there is a negative stigma attached to liking and posting on social media. Granted, it more »

Help your writing tutor

To me, the Peer Learning Center is one of the most useful academic resources we have on campus. For many, it’s a safe place to let out your confusions and frustrations about the classes that you really cannot understand. Sometimes you can even find a tutor who knows the exact assignment you are confused on more »

A challenge for the church

As the political season is dying down, it has been a great opportunity to reflect. Throughout the past months I have been frustrated with choices of parties, policies, Christians and myself. I did not emulate well how a Christian should navigate the political sphere, and I do not think many others did, either. Too often more »

Climate change conflicts

For more than a century, so-called scientists have understood that CO2 traps heat. More recently, that fundamental understanding has led to conclusions from minor groups such as NASA, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. military that CO2 is a major contributor to global climate change. To add to more »