Finding common love

In the weeks following the executive order on immigration, many concerned Christians have spoken out about the importance of loving our neighbors. Twice in the last month, I have experienced powerful retellings of the parable of the Good Samaritan—an ancient story which speaks to a deep need for our present society to care for the more »

When it’s okay to be proud

Society sends us a lot of mixed messages about how to approach self-worth. Your mom tells you she is proud of you no matter what; your best friend says you are a loser but does not mean it; and the cheesy internet photo of a sunset with pretty lettering says to always remember you are more »

Listening to understand

Selfishness is a disease that has become prevalent in our society to the point that it is encouraged and rewarded. It is so common in all our interactions that it could be seen as a necessary, built-in trait of humanity rather than a flaw, but it is an issue that poisons relationships. I have made more »

Christian morality in films

A relevant and local topic that has come to my attention concerns the entertainment that we, as Christians, consume on a daily basis. What did Paul mean in Philippians 4:8, reminding us to think of things with a certain purity and godliness, and what does that mean in terms of the media we absorb? First, more »

Living in spite of politics

The past month has been truly enlightening and inspiring. I watched “The Incredibles,” and a sentence stuck with me: “Go change the world, one policy at a time.” I am continually fascinated by the capabilities of compartmentalization in our governmental facilities. During Christmas break, I had the opportunity to look at the world through the more »

Do not discredit credits

“You are required to get 28 Christian Formation credits each semester.” How did this one-liner that Dordt students use against us ever get such a negative connotation? Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that worshipping God was a good thing. Unfortunately, when you make chapel required, not everyone sitting in the pews more »