Living in spite of politics

The past month has been truly enlightening and inspiring. I watched “The Incredibles,” and a sentence stuck with me: “Go change the world, one policy at a time.” I am continually fascinated by the capabilities of compartmentalization in our governmental facilities. During Christmas break, I had the opportunity to look at the world through the more »

Do not discredit credits

“You are required to get 28 Christian Formation credits each semester.” How did this one-liner that Dordt students use against us ever get such a negative connotation? Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that worshipping God was a good thing. Unfortunately, when you make chapel required, not everyone sitting in the pews more »

The issue of attendance

As alarms go off across campus, it is a struggle for most college kids to get out of bed and go to class. Many times, they are tired and staying in bed a little longer would be comfortable. Perhaps they have been at class all morning and just do not want to go back. But more »

Learning through losses

I was in 5th grade when my great-grandfather passed away. It was the first time I went through something so devastating and so unexplainable. For a 10-year-old, I did not know how to react or what to say. All I could do was cry. And although I have grown 10 years wiser, I still never more »

Finding loving friendships

As a prospective student, I imagined the Northwestern community as one filled with many, many friends. That has not been the case. I have friends and I am connected to a larger community, but I do not have more friends than I did in high school. Then again, what are friends anyway? Succumbing to my more »

Career choice conundrum

When I was little, I was always asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. The answer to that question was always quick and easy. “I want to be a pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks,” I would say with gusto as if my pronouncing the fact that I wanted to be a professional more »