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Band presents fifth album with fuller sound

Earlier this year, a popular indie rock band from Cleveland, the Cloud Nothings, released the album Life Without Sound. The Cloud Nothings started as singer Dylan Baldi’s solo project in 2009, and, over five albums, has grown into the full band heard and seen today. Maybe it is the weather, but this music makes me more »

Annual music competition commences

NC/DC Preliminaries took place on Friday, March 24. Twelve groups competed to make it to the semi-finals. The night started with 3 Souls, a quartet (featuring a ginger) performing “I Hate that I Love You.” Their combination of two guitars, a cajon and vocals was quite literally music to the ears. Up next was Reghan more »

Childlike imagination lives on

The Flaming Lips is a band that formed in Oklahoma City all the way back in 1983, and their newest album, Oczy Mlody, was released just last month. The Flaming Lips is a rock band tending to lean towards what one might call “space rock.” It is the kind of sound that makes you think more »

Monkey man lacks creative lyrics

British artist, producer and DJ Simon Green released his latest album, Migration on January 13. Although he has very little interest in monkeys, he adopted the name Bonobo, a kind of monkey, as the name for his musical persona. Bonobo’s history as a DJ seems especially prevalent in this album. He does a great deal more »

Singer shares struggles in personal album

Julien Baker was a part of an alternative rock band called Forrister. She has since split from Forrister to write her own music. Her solo album, Sprained Ankle, reveals the struggles and hope of a unique and genuine individual through the medium of ambient indie rock. The instrumentation for Sprained Ankle is minimalistic. Usually it more »

Watercolors pool together as an exhibit

Do not miss Steve Johnson’s art exhibit starting Monday, Nov. 7. Located in the Te Paske Gallery, Johnson’s exhibit will consist of mostly watercolor paintings and photographs from his time in India. Johnson had wanted to go to India to take meditation and yoga workshops, and eventually applied for and received a full ride grant more »