Hospers escape room

There are many school-sponsored events and activities offered by groups such as SAC, but sometimes students decide to get creative and make their own activites. The Hospers escape room, created by Jacob Johnson, offers an exciting new activity on Northwestern’s campus. In recent years, escape rooms have become popular across the country. In short, an more »

Students find ways to break winter blues

With the winter months comes many different emotions: excitement for snow-related activities, hot drinks and the anticipation of the outside world turning white. Some emotions, however, are not as enthusiastic. The arrival of snow also brings complaints about the cold air, sickness, tiredness and grumbling about transportation. Senior Luke Lorfeld looks at the cold winter more »

The good, the bad, the ugly: dating at NW

Connections with the opposite gender play a big role in the average Raider life. Though the cover of the story about Northwestern relationships looks good, students have realized the expectations end up being not as glamorous as it seems. The size of NW is a major factor in developing relationships. Ben Von Heeder notes NW more »

Fall fashion leaves pretty impressions

Fall is a distinguishable season in the fashion realm, for both comfort and stylistic reasons. As the weather begins to change, so do the clothing trends, and if you keep your eyes open as you walk around campus, you’ll likely see some of your fellow Raiders making noticeable switches over to sweaters and flannels, or more »

New MIA album sings listeners to sleep

If someone were to mention the artist M.I.A., ,ost people who were once in middle school probably hear the “bang-bang-bang-bang, click AND TAKE YOUR MONEY” from “Paper Planes” run through their mind. While that is probably her most recognizable hit, she’s got some fresh beats just waiting to be heard. The album AIM was released more »