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Monkey man lacks creative lyrics

British artist, producer and DJ Simon Green released his latest album, Migration on January 13. Although he has very little interest in monkeys, he adopted the name Bonobo, a kind of monkey, as the name for his musical persona. Bonobo’s history as a DJ seems especially prevalent in this album. He does a great deal more »

Ambassadors make connections on campus

With a red pullover, a smile and a group of perspective students following him, Connor Sams leads a tour across campus. This is not a hobby he picked up: it’s the job of a student ambassador. “If you really want to promote Northwestern and have an impact on people’s lives, it’s [a job that is] more »

Fast food movie: not lovin’ slow pace

For most, McDonald’s is a household name, almost as American as cherry pie and baseball. Though we have all stopped by the drive-through at one point or another for a 10-piece chicken nugget and large fry, few of us probably know the story behind one of the most successful fast food companies in the world. more »

Students find ways to break winter blues

With the winter months comes many different emotions: excitement for snow-related activities, hot drinks and the anticipation of the outside world turning white. Some emotions, however, are not as enthusiastic. The arrival of snow also brings complaints about the cold air, sickness, tiredness and grumbling about transportation. Senior Luke Lorfeld looks at the cold winter more »

Campus cures for the flu

Around this time of year, “winter” becomes synonymous with “the flu”. Alex Currier is not afraid of the flu making its way around campus. “I haven’t been sick with the flu since sixth grade,” Currier said. He has a couple of tips for side-stepping the flu bug this time of year. 1. Stay active. Exercising more »

Super Bowl: special day or normal Sunday?

After the Atlanta Falcons routed the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game and the New England Patriots dismantled the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship game, the question of Super Bowl plans began to circulate in everyone’s minds. Each year, millions of people watch the big game. Last year alone, it was estimated more »